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Whole Home Surge Protectors

Do you need a Whole Home Surge Protector?

We are living in the most technology focused era ever. There is literally tens of thousands of dollars at risk in every home today! Entertainment devices, office equipment, appliances, furnace and HVAC systems, mobile devices, and even LED lighting all have small circuit boards that are all very affected by surges! It is believed each household has up to 20 surges a day, where over half of them are caused from internal disruptions.

What are the causes? Lightning, downed lines, high electricity demand and grid upgrades are just a few of the external events that cause damage to the electronics in your home. Major appliances, faulty wiring and electrical device problems and repairs all disrupt your home from within.

How do surges move through your home? AC power lines, cables from your internet and television providers, network and communication cables, and telephone lines all provide an access highway to your devices.

How can you protect yourself? The most commonly known method is the trusted power bar. They are most commonly used for the entertainment system or computer system, this however, leaves the rest of the house unprotected. To fix this you could add a power bar to all of your devices, appliances, and systems through out your home. The problem with this method is it can be very expensive, each power bar would have to be monitored, plus not all power bars are made equal. Some will absorb the first strike and it will not fail or leave a warning that it is no longer working, which leaves that system at risk. The second method is the whole home surge protection system. It is installed inline with your main power panel, and modules can be added to protect your cable and communication lines. As breakers are a lot more trust-able then power bars, this choice if you were only going to choose one would be a lot more reliable, easy to use and even more cost effective. The truth is a well designed system uses both.

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