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Service Panel Upgrades

Do you have a 100 amp service but still cannot operate certain appliances?  Are appliances under performing?

You may need an upgrade.

Electrical Panel Upgrades
General Service Upgrades

If it has wires, assume we can do it!

- Code Updates and corrections

- Exhaust Fans

- Ceiling fan installation

- Child proof outlets

- Aluminum wire solutions

- Dedicated computer Circuits

- Generator Installation & Maintenance

Get Wired!

Electrical Service Upgrades
CO & Smoke Detection

Are your Loved Ones SAFE from Carbon Monoxide and Fire?

Is your home up to date?

We always follow todays standards.

- Get Wired!

CO and Smoke Detection
Lighting Automation & Control


An intelligent & well designed system, enhances safety, mood, and highlights your beautiful home. Plus it saves you money

Lighting and Control
HVAC Automation & Control

We regulate your temperature the smart way. Using motion sensors and schedules, we guarantee to save you money. We maximize the product and make it easy to use!

HVAC automation
Floor Heating Systems

Indulge in the soothing warmth of floor heating in your bathroom, kitchen, or any room in your house. 

Floor Heating
Knob & Tube Removal

Not used since the 1930's! K&T may not be as commonly known today, however, we won't leave you stranded.  If you require removal, Call Us!

Knob and Tube removal
Arc Fault & GFCI protection

Its not your responsibility to know the code, its ours!

Let us make it easy.

- Get Wired!

ARC fault and GFCI upgrades
Hot Tub & Pool Heater

Water and electricity generally don't play well together

Be Safe, call a professional 

Hot Tub Hookups
Solar Systems for your Home

Living off-grid doesn't mean giving up modern conveniences. Solar 

power for your home, cabin, cottage, RV, and boat is easier than ever with reliable solutions that are cost effective

Solar Panel Systems

Residential Electrical Services


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