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All our work is done in accordance to industry standards and safety regulations. Projects are carried out with absolute professionalism and detailed consultative communication between our techs & clients! Even after a project is completed to expectation, we promise to provide unparralled customer service. The job is to provide a solution that simplifies today's technology. The goal is to develop long lasting relationships, where you look to Wireology for all your Electro-Technical needs!



In home consultation

Get the Facts!

When you call us for help, it is always best practice for us to meet face to face on site.  We will spend the time necessary to understand the entire scope of the project.


There is less "Drama" when you have the facts. 

Due Diligence

Investigate the Facts & plan the solution

After our meeting, it is important that we do our due diligence to investigate all scenarios and possible issues.  We compile the information and strategically plan the solution.


Our plan always includes: aesthetics, convenience, ease of use, energy and safety.

Estimates and Quots


Once the solution is known, we detail all the information to create an estimate for both price and time.  For some projects this is not possible, at this time we will agree to be paid by an hourly rate.  Rates are based on the individual or team.

Service agreement and contracts

Go Forward

Once you have had a chance to review the details and approve them, the project can then  be signed off for the job to proceed.  This process may change with the scope of the project.

Installation Services


When on site our techs will work both professionally and efficiently.  They will properly communicate any required changes and obtain approval before moving forward.  If by chance a project lasts several days, a daily update will be provided at the end of each day.

Customer Service

Customer Service &


Even once the project is closed, we will make ourselves available to service your system.  It is important that the system performs well for the entire life of the product. 

System modifications are always welcome.

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