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Understanding Electrical renovation quotes.

Price is a critical aspect of any electrical renovation project. What will it cost to do the job you want? Alternatively, how far can you go on a set budget?

Determining the cost of a small project, can be fairly simple. Just make sure all the electricians bidding the job are providing the same services and identical quality materials. Generally, this is never the case, and you may have to do your own due diligence to ensure the quality of the materials are similar.

For more complex projects, it often takes a few conversations with the electrical contractors to define the project to the point where they can begin determining costs.

For large project projects, it is often necessary to develop the complete design, specifications and plans first as an initial and separate job.

Electrical Renovations

Depending on the level of work involved, expect to pay a fee to have this done.

Many electricians offer design and plans development services. If you have purchased such services, you can use the completed material to ask contractors for a formal price quote. Having other electricians price the job based on identical design and specification information will make evaluating their quotes much easier, and prevent unwelcome surprises when the work begins.

The level of detail required in plans will vary depending on the scope, size and complexity of the project. This can range from simple sketches or diagrams to full construction drawings for projects that involve altering the structure of your home.

Experienced electricians can sometimes offer an educated opinion or price range on the spot, based on similar jobs they have done in the past. For example, they may be able to share a per-square-foot estimate for additions or basement recreation rooms, or a rough cost estimate for upgrading your bathroom.

This can be helpful up front to make sure that there is a realistic fit between what you would like to do and the budget you have in mind. However, be aware that the cost of a project can vary greatly depending on many factors, including the current condition of your home and the types of products you decide to use. A guesstimate is not a price quote.

Whenever you plan to hire an electrician, make sure you understand their price quote and exactly what it covers before you agree. Never agree to let an electrician work without obtaining the proper permits.

Original article found at:

The Hamilton Spectator - 6 Jan 2018

It has been altered to be written from the view of using an electrician and not a general contractor

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