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Almost all electrical work requires a permit.

Are you a do it yourself kind of family? Did you know that electrical fires are the number one cause of house fires in Canada? Did you also know that almost all electrical work requires a permit that are required to be inspected to ensure they comply with the Electrical Safety Authority?

When planning an upgrade or renovation it is important to check and verify that you have all the permits required to perform the job. Permits exist for your best interest, they keep you safe. Once the work is complete, schedule an inspection where an inspector will ensure the work completed is both safe and up to code.

Here is a list of projects that require a permit:

- Installation of: switches, outlets, lighting features, smoke detectors, exhaust fans.

- Installation of: new equipment: hot tubs, swimming pool heaters, air conditioners, water heaters.

- Home additions, renovations, and service upgrades.

If you are not sure what projects require a permit, contact a licensed electrician. Get Wired! Call Wireology 905-929-7283

Electrical Permits

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