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Bring your home alive with Holiday Lighting.

Halloween has past, the time has shifted back 1 hour! Now we are left living in the dark. We arrive home from work to a dark, dreary and sometimes scary home. Not very fun.

The simple answer is to brighten up our living space with an array of outdoor lighting. Why not add some Holiday Cheer and theme your home?

The benefits are many. A well lit yard prevents dangerous falls, illuminates all the shadowy areas for added security, highlights your beautiful home and boosts curb appeal. Plus you can have that warm and fuzzy feeling of being a part of your community.

Now that you have decided to join in the Holiday fun, we need to answer what type of lighting we should use and what are our design options.

Lighting type:

LED is the ideal choice, it offers 5 advantages: 1) better energy consumption, 2) cost effectiveness, 3) longevity, 4) brightness & 5) cool touch lamps.

Also, they withstand extreme climates and come if in a vast array of different accent options.


The most daunting part of putting it all together is the design. Where do you start and what are your options.

Here we share some of the many possibilities.

Post lighting Add just the right amount of ambiance and illumination.

Driveway lights Add a welcoming feel to your home.

Pathway lighting These lights not only point the way but highlight your homes beautiful structure.

Security lights Whether motion-activated or set to timer, these lights add safety to your entrance ways (doors and garages), while livening up the shadowy, areas of your home. Change the colours to a holiday theme and you have safety and holiday cheer.

Hanging lights The classic Griswold feel, hanging lights work well in a variety of outdoor locales, from covered porches to outdoor living and dining areas.

Garden lights You spent all that time creating a wonderful garden, why not highlight that beautiful foliage all year round.

Tree uplighting Installed flush with the ground, tree uplighting illuminates trees from below, adding elegance and beauty to any property.

Wash lighting Adds beauty to garden walls, privacy fencing, and other flat facades with a soft, diffused glow of wash lighting.

Smart tech lamps Want easy? Add a versatile smart light to the mix. They can be put on timers, dimmers and accessed remotely from any device.

Now that you know your options, get started designing your home and have fun with it. If you are not a do-it-yourself-er, then give us a call. We love making homes beautiful and fun!

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