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Customer Care Terms and Conditions


All new product(s) sold by Wireology have a full manufacturers warranty. The warranty period of our workman installation services shall meet but not exceed the warranty of the product(s) installed. Our warranty is to ensure your satisfaction with: Service, Quality and Performance. The warranty period for product(s) themselves installed commences on the date the products purchased are actually installed. If a product is sold “as is”, you are assuming the entire risk of the products quality and performance.

  • Wireology will in no event be liable for direct, indirect, incidental or consequential damages resulting from any defect in the product or from its use.

  • For defective product(s), a remove and replace fee will be accessed by Wireology.

  • Out of town service, regardless of warranty may incur additional charges.

  • You are required to keep and have available all product(s) invoices.

Service Contract Limits of Liability

The total payment(s) for all claims under this Service Contract shall not exceed the original purchase price of the covered product(s), excluding taxes. If Wireology determines that the covered Product(s) is not repairable, We may replace the covered product with a product of like kind and quality, not to exceed the original purchase price of the covered product. The replacement product will be covered for the remaining period of the original warranty period. This policy is an extension of the product(s) original manufacturer's warranty.


Service Contract Holder's Responsibilities

You must follow the instructions for use in the owner's manual of your product. You must have your product maintained in accordance with the manufacturer's requirements, as outlined in the owner's manual. Failure to follow the manufacturer's maintenance and service requirements may result in the denial of the warranty coverage.


Exclusions - What Is Not Covered

  • Normal maintenance, cleaning, or tune-ups.

  • Cosmetic defects or damage (such as cracked cases and broken hinges) or defects that do not inhibit the proper operation and performance of the covered items.

  • Repair or replacement covered by any other warranty, service agreement, or insurance policy in effect at the time of the failure.

  • Repair or replacement due to vandalism, riot, or general environmental conditions, including but not limited to rust, corrosion or mold.

  • Any service request which results in customer education or no problem found.

  • Conditions which existed prior to your purchase and installation of the product(s). Special, indirect, or consequential damages.

  • Loss or damage caused by accidental or intentional physical damage, spilled liquids, insect infestation, misuse, abuse or service costs or damage caused by unauthorized repair personnel.

  • Alteration or removal of the serial number.

  • Damaged caused by dis-assembly of the product.

  • Failures due to dust, animal or insect damage; acts of God such as fire, water, windstorm, sand, dirt, hail or earthquake.

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